Are you mule deer hunting in Colorado this year? Enjoy five full days of hunting with our Colorado mule deer hunting guides! Our Colorado deer hunting trips cater to archery, muzzle, and rifle hunters. We offer excellent deer hunting, and we use the spot and stalk approach for our mule deer hunting. This age old tactic is fun, and effective. If you book a deer hunting trip with our Colorado hunting guides, they will, of course, be there to assist you and give you tips, but if you are deer hunting in Colorado without a guide, or just want to prepare before your guided hunt, we are going to share some tips for deer hunting with the spot and stalk approach.

Scout Plenty

When deer hunting in Colorado you will want to make sure to cover plenty of ground. Mule deer inhabit in rough, rugged terrain. In order to spot deer, find a high elevation with a good vantage point and glass the surrounding area. When you book a guided deer hunting trip with us, you won’t have to worry about having enough land to hunt on, or finding vantage points. When you book a guided deer hunting trip with us, you will have access to over 3,500 private acres, along with over 8,000 acres of National Forest land. The terrain elevation ranges from 7,500 to 9,500 feet and is easy to hunt. Our guides know the area well and will be sure to help you lock in a mule deer.

Target Solitary Deer

When mule deer hunting, you should target a deer that is alone. Less sets of eyes means a higher likelihood of success. If there is a whole herd of deer, it can be difficult to sneak up on them. The more deer together, the more difficult it can be to fool them. It can be especially difficult to fool a whole herd of deer. It’s much easier to get into range, and take your shot when you only have to worry about one deer spotting you.

Keep Tabs

Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t just focus on your targeted deer. You should also keep tabs on non-targeted deer, and other game animals in the area. Other deer and animals in the area are just as likely to blow the stalk as the target deer is.

Have A Good Approach

Make sure your stalking approach is up to par. Go the extra mile. Some things may seem silly, or unnecessary, but they can make a huge difference. If you’re able to, given the conditions, take your shoes off and wear quiet clothing. You can even go as far as to putting felt strips on the contact points of your gear. Even practice odd shot angles. These things may seem simple, and little, but they are what is going to make you more successful.

Know When Not to Stalk

Stalking may not always be a possibility. Don’t waste your time on a stalk if you know what the outcome will be. When you are able to stalk be sure you are very quiet, stay concealed, and use the terrain to get into range. Every stalk will not be successful, so if you blow a stalk, don’t get frustrated, there is still hunting to be done. After blowing a stalk make sure to cool down, collect your thoughts, and then dive into the next approach, or move on to hunting another deer.

If you’re wanting a successful mule deer hunt in Colorado this year, plan your trip with an experienced guide! We cater to archery, muzzle, and rifle hunters. If you’re looking for a quality guided deer hunt, we’re the guide for you!