Why choose to hunt with a guide for your next elk hunt? We want to ask – why not? Here are a few reasons to consider going on a guided elk hunt.

Less Work

A successful elk hunt requires a lot of work. For the front end, you need to be scouting the area, locating game trails, gathering supplies, and ensuring you have a place or camp to stay. Don’t forget the work of packing in, setting up camp, and packing meat out that can also wipe you out if you’re not in the best shape or you have physical disabilities.

If you like the hard work, that’s great. But not everyone has the time to plan a hunt or wants to (or can) work harder just to take part in a sport they love. Hunting with a guide means the prep work is done before you arrive, and the grunt work won’t be all on you. Don’t get it twisted, you’ll still have to get around on your own, but a hunting guide will help you take a load off so you can focus more on the important things, like fully enjoying your hunt.

No Crowds

It pays to keep your distance from other hunters, not only for safety but also for success. When you hunt with a hunting guide, they will likely have a limit on how many hunters they allow per season. This not only helps to conserve local herds, but it also gives you and your guide the best chance of a unique and successful hunt.

Coming from Out-of-State? Hunting Guides Will Make It Simple

Out-of-staters looking for fantastic elk hunting should look no further than Colorado. But on your own, hunting beyond state borders can be difficult and overwhelming. Rules and regulations on big game hunting vary from state to state, our Rocky Mountains can be difficult to traverse, and there’s no guarantee you’ll find a mature bull on your own. Not to mention it’s time-consuming – between researching harvest reports, finding travel routes, and actually hunting, the entire process can take weeks, with no promise of results.

Going on a guided is the perfect way to experience an elk hunt on new land without the uncertainty and wasted time. You can rely on your guide’s knowledge to help you enjoy your hunt to the fullest as well as have a successful hunt.

Better Shot Opportunity

There’s nothing worse than spending weeks or months planning and scouting your DIY hunt only to come home empty-handed. Guided hunts can help eliminate that problem. You can rest easy knowing a bull will make its way into your scope at least once throughout your elk hunt. Some outfitters offer guaranteed shot opportunities, but as hunters know, absolutely nothing is guaranteed in the field. So while some will say guided hunts have guaranteed shot opportunities, we like to say you have a better opportunity of having a shot.

Suitable for Hunters of Any Skill Level

If you’re a novice hunter, you might find yourself outmatched on public lands that are oversaturated with locals and lifelong elk hunters. With a guided hunt, beginners get to experience the thrill of an elk hunt without the intimidation and frustration.

While guided hunts are beginners friendly, don’t mistake them for being only for beginners. Experienced hunters will find guided hunts to be both challenging and rewarding, giving them a chance to perfect their marksmanship and scouting skills in a comfortable environment. For hunters of any skill level, a guided hunt can be built to fit every hunter’s preference and provide an exciting experience.

It’s an Experience Unlike Any Other

Truly, if you’re looking for a unique and memorable experience, you should choose to go on a guided hunt. When you book an all-inclusive guided hunt, you’re paying for the entire adventure, which includes lodging, meals, field dressing, and often complete privacy. Some hunting ranches (like us at Soap Mesa Outfitters) provide guests with thousands of acres to themselves for an exclusive experience.

And, of course, the most vital part of any guided hunt is the hunting guide. A seasoned guide can transform any elk hunt into something unforgettable. As someone who has spent countless hours getting to know the land, animals, local regulations, and the ins and outs of elk hunting, a guide isn’t just important – they’re invaluable. With a professional guide behind the scenes, you will get the chance to learn from an expert and get a guided hunt that is an experience unlike any other.

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If you’re looking for a guided hunt, look no further than Soap Mesa Outfitters.

Time to Book your Elk Hunt

If you’re looking to hunt elk or mule deer with professional guides in the mountains of Southwest Colorado, we’d love to be an option you consider. At Soap Mesa Outfitters, we offer quality guided hunts on our 3500-acre private ranch that overlooks Blue Mesa Reservoir. Not to mention we also have a National Forest Permit, which provides an additional 8000+ acres with utter seclusion due to its limited access. Let us show you what you’ve been missing.