Hunting season still might seem like a ways away, but it’ll be here sooner than you think. Don’t be caught off guard by your hunt this year. Here are things you should be doing now to prepare for your hunt this fall.

Gear Prep

Making sure your gear is ready to go for your fall hunt will not only save you time scrambling last minute but will also make your hunt go a lot smoother. If you need to go out and get new gear, do it now and don’t do it cheap. Cheap gear has no place in hunting. Now, we’re not saying you have to have the fanciest, latest-and-greatest gear. But cheap boots, inexpensive packs, and bargain binoculars will sabotage your hunt. Don’t get them, and don’t use them. Get the best gear you can afford and take care of it.

Also, make sure to break in your boots early. A common challenge hunters face is foot problems from bad boots or poor preparation. This can abruptly end a hunt that you’ve been dreaming of all year. Get your boots now and wear them throughout the summer while you work out, hike, or even mow the lawn. This way, you and your boots will be ready when your fall hunt rolls around.

Man with a green beanie holding a rifle during a fall hunt.

A common reason hunters fail to take home a kill is unfamiliarity with their rifle.

Target Practice

A common reason hunters fail to take home a kill is unfamiliarity with their rifle. It’s disappointing to watch a big bull walk away because a hunter couldn’t get into an adequate field position or couldn’t find the bull in their scope.

To prepare now, spend time with your rifle until your better half becomes jealous. Once it’s sighted in at the range, practice shooting from every field position possible and at a myriad of different targets. Make sure to shoot at “odd-distances,” as deer and elk don’t stand in “even distances” like targets at the range. If you’re hunting elk, train to immediately rack another cartridge into the chamber to follow up. Elk are tough, so preparing to keep sending shots until they are down is essential. When the big moment arrives, you should be able to drop down into a position, instantly find the elk in your scope, and squeeze off some steady shots.

Physical Fitness

Being out of shape is another sure-fire way to miss your opportunity when hunting. Elk and mule deer live in tough, steep terrain, and where we’re at in Colorado, the altitude can be tough to acclimate to. Doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, get in the best shape you can for your fall hunt.

You don’t have to be a gym rat in order to prepare. Run, ride a bike, climb stadium stairs with a loaded backpack, or hike. Eat clean and consider taking a good multi-vitamin. Above all – take care of your body. Don’t push yourself so hard you end up injuring yourself. Going into your hunt with an injury or strain is setting yourself up for trouble.

Mental Preparation

Just as you need to physically prepare your body for your fall hunt, you need to mentally prepare as well. This is something many hunters fall short on but can mean the difference between harvesting a bull or not. If there is one thing that’s certain in hunting, it’s that opportunities arise quickly and just as quickly disappear. So being mentally prepared is critical for taking advantage of an opportunity. Work on breathing control and excitement so when a bull or buck pulls into the clear and you only have seconds to set up for a shot, you don’t mess it up. Also, work on strengthening your mindset. Hunting will challenge you in every way possible, so when it’s physically taking a toll, your mental game needs to be strong to push you through.

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Come Hunting with Us

Preparing for a hunt is sort of a big deal. Starting preparations now will make the difference between an alright hunt and a great hunt. So, start prepping now for a guided hunt with us. At Soap Mesa Outfitters, we provide the best guided hunts in Western Colorado and we’ll be happy to show you what you’ve been missing.

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