Keeping your hunting gear in great shape during the hunting season is important, but what’s equally as important is how you take care of everything the rest of the year. Here’s what you need to know about how to properly store hunting gear in the off-season.


When it comes to storing your clothes, there are two things you need to keep in mind: scent control and keeping everything in the best shape.

The first step should be washing your clothes with a scent-free wash. The kind doesn’t matter, as long as it leaves no scent behind. Also, whether you or someone else in your household does the laundry, make sure you do not use fabric softener with your hunting gear. Doesn’t matter if it’s liquid or fabric-softener dryer sheets, using this on advanced textiles will make them lose their ability to work right, like water repellent clothing.

Your hunting clothes can pick up scents from other clothes and items if you store them in the same location. No matter where you choose to store your clothes, make sure they’re placed in a plastic container or scent-free bag. This will keep any scents from getting to your clothes, as well as keep them clean, dry, and completely protected until you need them again.


Your gun is likely the most valuable item of your hunting gear. It’s also the most sensitive in terms of storage, so make sure you store it right.

Don’t delay cleaning your gun after the season is over. Refer to your owner’s manual for a detailed how-to on cleaning your gun, and make sure to get every part to remove soiling and dirt. Don’t use your hands to touch parts that you’ve already cleaned because the oil from your skin can cause rusting.

Make sure your firearm is inaccessible to anyone that isn’t you. A gun locker is the best course of action to keep it safe during the off-season. Not only will it be safe from others, but a humidity and temperature-controlled locker will keep your guns nice and dry. Also, always make sure to store your firearm with the gun barrel pointing up. Store it sideways or downwards means there’s a better chance the metal of the barrel will warp, ruining your gun.

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Taking the time to store your footwear correctly will help them last longer.


Taking the time to store your footwear correctly will help them last longer. It’s important to ensure that your boots and shoes are cleaned off thoroughly before storing them anywhere. Apart from removing any scents from them, cleaning will protect them from being damaged by dirt and debris if stored for a long time. Consider waxing your boots as well, whether you have leather boots or non-leather boots. This will condition and keep them soft and supple (so they don’t crack or split) as well as help keep water off.

Put footwear inside air-locked bags and store them in a dry area like you would with clothes. Not only will this keep any scents away, but it will help you avoid pests that can make a home of your shoes if you leave them untouched for a while.

Items with Batteries

If you’re using any equipment that requires batteries, ensure you remove all batteries before storing them. Apart from preserving the battery life, you’re protecting your equipment from staying operational by accident while in storage, which can damage them.

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When you store your hunting gear right, you make sure everything stays in tip-top shape.

Prepare the Right Way for Next Hunting Season

When you store your hunting gear right, you make sure everything stays in tip-top shape. That means you’ll be ready to go when hunting season rolls back around. It’s never too early to start planning for next year, so if you’re looking to hunt elk and mule deer with professional guides in the mountains of Colorado, you’ve come to the right place. At Soap Mesa Outfitters, we provide the best guided hunts in Western Colorado and we’ll be happy to show you what you’ve been missing.