At Soap Mesa Outfitters, we know that having quality gear can make all the difference in a hunt. Keep reading to discover the critical hunting gear you need for this season’s elk hunts.


This piece of gear can sometimes be overlooked. Bringing a tripod, or even two, helps keep your glass steady so you can clearly see your surroundings. Most expert hunters agree that the longer you scout prey with a tripod, the better odds you have for spotting game. Simply put, you need a lightweight, adjustable tripod that can easily move with you as you track your prey. Make sure you purchase a lightweight, carbon fiber tripod that can easily move without too much noise. As always, when you practice with your rifle, you should practice with shooting with your tripod.

a hunter with Soap Mesa Outfitters using binoculars to hunt

Identify prey faster by using a good pair of binoculars.

High Optics

Critical hunting gear for elk hunts is more than fancy rifle accessories. Increase your game by considering the specs for the following high-optic hunting gear.


When hunting deer and elk, binoculars one of the most critical pieces of gear you need. They allow for you to scan for animals that are thousands of yards away. Just like with most gear, purchasing a quality pair of binoculars will provide you with clearer images than the discounted ones. At Soap Mesa Outfitters, we recommend using 10x Magnification and 42mm Objective Lens (10x42mm) pair of binoculars for your big game hunting. Be sure to look for brands that offer waterproof and fog-proof capabilities.

Rifle Scopes

It’s no secret that using a rifle scope will make you a better shooter. That’s why most hunters use some sort of optics on their rifles. Now, let’s be honest. There are thousands of scopes to choose from. For this article, we are just going discuss some advantages of technical specs. Most opportunities to bag a buck are early morning or evening; therefore, having a scope with good light transmission is really important.

When looking for rifle scopes, it’s important to look at the numbers. The first number, or two numbers, in the specs show the scope’s magnification. Therefore, if you’re looking through a 5x scope, then the image will appear 5 times larger than what you see with the naked eye. The number that follows the X, shows the diameter of the objective lens. For example, 5X40 will show you 5-times the magnification and the objective lens measure 40 millimeters across its widest point.

Similar to the objective lenses on binoculars, a scope’s objective lens gathers and focuses light to produce the image you see. Overall, the larger the objective lens, the brighter the viewed image, especially in low-light conditions. In summary, larger magnification and objective lenses allow the necessary light and detail to shoot from a greater distance. We think 20-60×65 and 20-60×80 are good options to begin with.

Soap Mesa Outfitter hunter in the field ready to take his shot with important gear

What you wear and what you bring can affect your overall elk hunt game.

Body Gear

Elk and deer hunting require a lot of movement in rugged territory, and also shifting temperatures (especially in Colorado’s high country). Therefore, here are just three items that can make your life a little less miserable on the hunting trail.

Base Layers

Unquestionably, the adrenaline and movement from the hunt can help you stay warm. But for how long? Wearing a base layer under your exterior garments is a sure way to keep your body warm in the chilly mountain air. Specifically, you want to look for a middleweight base layer for cool-to-cold pursuits that hugs your body for warmth. You also want to look for fabric that wicks moisture and dries quickly to keep you comfortable. Having a good base layer can help you stay comfortable in some of the most frosty conditions.

Lightweight Boots

They don’t call Colorado the Headwater State for nothing. There’s nothing worst than tromping around like a boar in the woods and getting your feet wet in cooler temps. Invest in a great pair of hardwearing, lightweight boots to help you stalk your prey. Make sure they have waterproof lining. Added insulation is nice, but can be achieved by wearing a good pair of wool socks. Many of these boots can cost a pretty penny, but you can usually get about four good years out of them before you need to upgrade again.


As we already know, hunting, field dressing, packing out, etc., can occur at any time of the day. Hunting is not a 9-5 job! Therefore, bring yourself into the light by purchasing a solid headlamp. Most hunters agree that the best headlamps for hunting are waterproof, lightweight, and include both either a red, green, or blue light mode. The red, green, or blue (RGB) modes will protect a hunter’s night vision while hiking in the dark. Furthermore, the RGB lights are less likely to alert your big game animals. Be sure to replace your batteries before every hunting trip. There’s nothing worst than your light going out in the middle of quartering your elk or deer in the dark.

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This could be your next trophy

At Soap Mesa Outfitters, not only do we want to guide you on a perfect hunt, we want to help guide you on which critical hunting gear you need for elk hunts. With hunting gear becoming more advanced and mass produced, it’s difficult to know which gear is right for you. Give us a call if you’re not sure of what to bring on your first hunt with us. We’d be happy to guide you through the process.

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