ATVs have changed the hunting game dramatically. Utilizing one for your hunt comes with a few advantages. Let’s go over the pros of hunting with an ATV in Colorado.

Getting from Place to Place

One of the clear advantages of hunting with an ATV is the access they offer. They can go a long distance on a single tank, saving hunters from having to walk far distances and get tired out. Hiking with all your gear, especially in the Colorado mountains, can be a burden. With an ATV, you have access to more range quicker and can get to where you need with your gear in no time. Not to mention ATVs are good to go in any weather. From hot days when hunting can be uncomfortable to snowy mornings when getting out there by foot can be impossible, an ATV can handle it.

Packing Out Animals

An ATV’s most indispensable use is using it to pack out animals. Some foot-bound hunters may have to walk several miles with their kill packed on their back, which is no easy feat. Packing out your animal and all your gear when your trip is over won’t make for a good time or fond memories. Adding your kill to the back of the ATV will make for easy transporting. It will also keep the animal clean of mud, undergrowth, and gravel, which could collect if you choose to drag it behind you or use a pull cart.

Saves Time

Hunting is meant to be an enjoyable activity. So when you get the opportunity to go on a hunt, you probably would prefer to spend most of your time actually hunting.

You’ll likely be forced to park far from where you’re hunting, as hunters are not permitted to drive through certain terrain in trucks. Traversing whatever distance you need on trails is a breeze with an ATV, allowing you to arrive at your destination quickly. That means more time enjoying hunting. And if you forgot something in your truck or camp? An ATV will allow you to get it rapidly, without missing anything.

Opens Up Hunting for more People

Hunting with an ATV allows those who love the sport of hunting to continue the activity despite their physical limitations or advancing age. There are millions of people in the US with some type of disability, including a wide range of physical disabilities. This includes those who can’t stand, have an inability to balance, walk long distances, or carry their gear.

ATVs enable disabled hunters to get through rocky and unstable terrain they would not have otherwise been able to get through. And instead of having to pack 50 pounds or more of gear, the ATV becomes a cargo vehicle, allowing disabled and senior hunters the opportunity to enjoy hunting in comfort.

Regulations for Hunting in Colorado with an ATV

When it comes to hunting with an ATV in Colorado, it’s important to be aware of the regulations that come with it. The ethical use of ATVs (and UTVs) is extremely important while hunting. These vehicles are helpful when it comes to hunting and to continue the privilege of using them, hunters need to use them responsibly. We’ll go over the regulations set by the Colorado Parks & Wildlife agency.

First and foremost, it is unlawful to harass or pursue wildlife with an ATV or UTV. Any off-road use is prohibited and ATV and UTV use are limited to transporting hunters and downed game. When you transport firearms, they must be fully unloaded in the chamber and magazine and must be fully enclosed in a soft or hard case. Hunters with mobility impairments can obtain a special permit from the Division of Wildlife to shoot from a stationary ATV or UTV while hunting.

ATVs and UTVs operated on public lands or trails in Colorado must be registered with the Colorado State Parks. If you’re an out-of-state resident who brings an ATV into Colorado, you must purchase a Colorado Non-Resident OHV permit.

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