Whether you’re an experienced hunter looking for new adventures or a beginner ready to go on their first elk hunt, here’s why your next big game hunt should be in Colorado.

There’s Plenty of Land

If you’re looking for wide-open spaces, you’re in luck. Colorado has got you covered. With more than 23 million acres of public land, Colorado is the spot for big game hunters to partake in their favorite activity with little disruption. For perspective, Colorado’s public land acreage is about the size of the entire state of Indiana. That’s not even mentioning private land outfitters and guided hunts get access to. Whether you want to hunt in the mountains, plains, national forests, state parks, or state wildlife areas, you’ve got options.

And a Variety of Big Game Species

And if you’re looking for variety, Colorado has that too. Not many states offer the variety of big game species as Colorado does. From elk, mule deer, and white-tailed deer to moose, pronghorn, black bear, and bighorn sheep, Colorado’s big game species are diverse, just like our landscape. If you’re looking for lots of hunting opportunities, this is the place for hunters to be.

Looking for Elk? We Got Them

If you’ve got your sights set on elk hunting this year, you’re in luck. With an estimated population of over 280,000 animals, Colorado’s elk population is the largest in the world. So not only are there plenty of elk for hunters but there are quite a few choices when it comes to seasons and methods of take.

There are four separate rifle-elk seasons starting in mid-October and ending in late November. The first and the fourth are on a draw basis only. But licenses for the second and third seasons may be purchased over the counter and are not restricted in quantity. Not to mention there are plenty of options for your elk hunt, ranging from self-supported to fully guided. All this combines to make Colorado one of the best states to hunt elk in.

We Have License Options

Colorado also offers options when it comes to getting a license for your big game hunt. In addition to hosting a drawing every spring where hunters may apply for limited big-game licenses based on a preference point system, Colorado also sells over-the-counter licenses for bull elk, pronghorn, and bear. And as we mentioned in the point above, these are not restricted by quantity.

This provides hunters flexibility to not only discover new units but also potentially combine their hunt with the opportunity to hunt another species. You can buy over-the-counter licenses starting August 1 and they can be purchased online at the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website, in their offices, and at any retail license agent.

You’ll Be Doing the State a Favor

When you hunt in Colorado, you’re doing this state some big favors.

Colorado is home to an abundant and diverse wildlife population, and hunters are the primary reason for this. Colorado Parks and Wildlife does not receive general tax dollars to fund its wildlife management programs, but revenue from hunting licenses supports all of the state’s wildlife management efforts. This includes threatened and endangered species programs, wildlife reintroductions, and habitat conservation.

Hunters are also helping to manage Colorado’s big game populations. Hunters help to manage elk, deer, moose, sheep, and goat populations to ensure herds do not grow beyond the carrying capacity of the habitat. Without hunting, animals become overpopulated and more susceptible to starvation, chronic wasting disease, and other health threats. Not to mention overabundant deer and elk herds can degrade habitats, causing damage to ecosystems and other wildlife. Thanks to hunters, they keep Colorado’s wildlife populations in check, ecosystems thriving, and habitats beautiful.

You’ll Make Memories That’ll Last a Lifetime

Cheesy? Maybe. True? You bet. There’s no better place to reconnect with nature and lose yourself in the great outdoors doing your favorite activity. From densely wooded forests, to open prairies, and towering mountains, Colorado’s backcountry has something for everyone and is sure to provide you with the most memorable hunting trip. Spend one hunting trip here and you’ll be asking yourself why you waited so long to come out.

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