If you’ve never been hunting before, there are many things you should do and prepare for. Learning what to expect for your first hunt can help set expectations and will help you be prepared. Hunting in Colorado can take a little more preparation due to certain laws along with the altitude and the weather in Colorado.

Complete A Hunter Saftey Course

To hunt in Colorado, all hunters who were born on or after January 1, 1949, must complete the hunter education certification in order to apply for a hunting license within the state. There are various approved programs available and you don’t have to take the course in Colorado if you are from out of state. Without taking this course, you won’t even be able to apply for a hunting license in Colorado and won’t be able to hunt with us. You will also need to obtain a habitat stamp. A habitat stamp costs $10 and is valid for the whole hunting season. The $10 fee for the habitat stamp will usually be automatically included in the price of your first hunting license for the year.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Before you get serious about hunting, you need to get serious at target practice. You should also become very familiar with your weapon and learn how to properly set the sight as well as cleaning and maintaining it. When you are target practicing, the conditions you are shooting in aren’t always the same conditions you face when hunting in Colorado. You might have great weather in broad daylight with no breeze and you can see for miles when you are target practicing. While actually hunting though, you could be wearing bulky clothes with an elevated heart rate. Practice at different times of the day such as dawn and dusk. You can even target practice after a bit of exercise to mimick an elevated heart rate.

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You May Have to Deal with High Altitudes

High altitudes take some adjusting and getting used to if you don’t live at higher altitudes. The areas we hunt in Colorado are at intermediate to high altitudes. Even though we won’t be doing heavy hiking and lots of strenuous backpacking, the altitude can still get to you. If at all possible, arrive in Colorado a good couple of days before your hunt, the longer you can give yourself to acclimate, the better. Altitude sickness can range from mild to severe. Sometimes you may not feel hungry or thirsty, but eating and staying hydrated will help you avoid altitude sickness. If you know you are more sensitive to altitudes or are prone to altitude sickness, it is a good idea to let your guide know ahead of time.

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hunter in Colorado near some antlers
The Weather Could do Anything in Colorado

The rugged mountain terrain along with steep valley areas affects the weather in Colorado. Colorado’s elevation and overall altitude also affect how the weather feels. Layers are always recommended in Colorado. When you wear and bring layers, they can be shed as the day get warmer or more layers can be added on if it gets colder. Layers are much better than having just one large coat. You also want to be sure that you choose proper footwear and boots for hunting. Good hunting boots will keep your feet warm and give protection from the undergrowth and rough terrain.

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Sights and Smells

If you are completely new to hunting be prepared for certain sights and smells! The sights and smells are just part of what to expect for your first hunt. When you first cut open the animal to prepare it, you’ll get a whiff of a warm, raunchy smell. You really can’t be too sensitive about the sights and smells you experience during hunting and when preparing the meat from the elk or deer. You can have the meat prepared or prepare it yourself. Either way, you will have to dress it in the field and do some of the intial work yourself.

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There are Benefits to Hiring a Hunting Guide

If you’re new to hunting and want the best experience possible, there can be many benefits to hiring a hunting guide in Colorado. Our guides will take you to where the game is and help you understand more about hunting. When hiring us to guide you on your hunt, you will also have exclusive access to certain land. We only allow a certain amount of hunters per year to preserve the herds on our land. Our experienced professionals will ensure that you get a hunting experience you will never forget!

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Knowing what to expect for your first hunt is important. If you’d like to book a hunt in Colorado contact us to learn more about the guided hunts we offer in Colorado.