Off-season is the best time to prepare for your next hunting adventure. But should you go for a public or private land hunt this upcoming fall? To help make your decision, here are a few benefits you can look forward to when hunting on private land.

No Overcrowding

Choosing public lands is an easy and simple way to make sure you get out there and hunt. The problem? Public lands tend to get overcrowded. When there are too many hunters, things can get uncomfortable and the trip you had planned might get ruined.

That’s not the case with private land. It’s not a place where anyone can park on the side of the road and get hunting. Any good private land hunting guide will also make sure that there are only a few people on each hunt. That ensures the property isn’t overcrowded and is an enjoyable, safe experience for all who come.

Out of State Hunting Made Simple

When you’re on your own, hunting beyond state borders can be challenging. Rules for big game hunting vary from state to state, unfamiliar terrain can be difficult and dangerous to traverse, and hunting out of state can be time-consuming. Between finding travel routes, researching harvesting reports, and actually hunting, the process can take you weeks (with no guaranteed results). Hunting on private land makes your research smaller and easier to handle so you can find the perfect spot without dealing with any uncertainty or wasted time.

Soap Mesa Outfitter's customer with his bull elk prize.

Hunt on private lands and you’ll have less of a chance of coming home empty-handed. 

Likelihood of Bagging is Better

There’s nothing worse than spending weeks – even months – planning for your DIY hunt, only to come home empty-handed. With a hunt on private land, you won’t have that problem. Since there’s less hunting pressure on private land, the game animals face fewer disturbances in their natural activities. This way, with the help of your experienced guide, you’ll have a great chance of bagging a bull.

The Trip is Inclusive of Costs

When planning a hunt on private lands, the cost of it can look pretty expensive at first. But when you check out what’s included, you’ll see it’s an amazing deal. Aside from travel costs, the fees for the trip cover transportation to and from the airport, meals, lodging, and the services of an experienced hunting guide. Since everything is already planned out for you, you can sit back, relax, and dream about your hunt instead of worrying about it.

Deck view of Soap Mesa Outfitters cabin.

Where you’ll be staying when you hunt with Soap Mesa Outfitters.

Hunt on Private Lands with Soap Mesa Outfitters

If you’re ready, we’d love to show you what the best private hunting is made of. Our spectacular over 3500-acre private ranch overlooks Blue Mesa Reservoir, Soap Creek, and the Gunnison National Forest. We also have a National Forest Permit which provides an additional 8000+ acres with near utter seclusion due to its limited access. Unit 54 is our management unit, and we sit north & west of Blue Mesa Dam. You’ll stay in our heated mountain cabin and our camp cook will take care of all the meals for you.